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Clova is in Public Beta!

We’re opening up Clova to small studios who want to be part of our journey and grow with us. Public beta users will receive complimentary service and lock in seriously good discounts extending past the beta period!

Public beta users will receive complimentary usage of the system until we exit the beta testing period, followed by an additional 3 months of complimentary service post the beta testing period + an additional 12 months reduced service fee of only 1.0%!

Clova has been under an intense development program starting in October 2023, we’re now ready to officially open the doors to studios who are willing to use a brand new to the market booking system in their business and lock in the benefits of helping to shape the system through their feedback, as well as benefiting from complimentary service and significant discounts post beta.

Grow with us

The Clova public beta is the perfect opportunity to grow your studio with the significant discounts we’re offering to our beta customers.

We’ll be working closely with our beta studios to incorporate your feedback into our product and make it the best mobile booking and payments app on the market for small – medium Australian pilates, yoga and group fitness studios.

We’re excited!

Get started by signing up and we’ll be in touch shortly after to check in on your progress and help out where needed.