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Group fitness booking apps

Branded mobile apps for Australian pilates, yoga and group fitness studios that handle all your booking and payment needs in the palm of your client’s hand.

Our Customers

apps for your fitness studio

Let your clients onboard, book and pay in your own branded apps

Harnessing the value of mobile for your pilates, yoga or group fitness studio unlocks opportunities you may have never thought possible. 

Accept Payments

Get paid for one off classes, credit packs and recurring memberships.


Setup detailed schedules for your service offering.

Bookings & Cancellations

Let your clients book classes with automatic waitlisting and cancellation management.

Client Management

Get insights into your clients and help with managing their journey with your business.

Apps that adapt to your business’ brand and identity

Unleash the power of mobile for your pilates, yoga or group fitness studio

Being on your client’s mobile device opens a world of possibilities for group fitness

. Let your clients book immediately when the thought arises. Purchase new memberships on the spot. Cancel early. And receive important updates directly via push notification.

When you empower your clients with mobile, you free up countless hours of admin tasks so you can focus on helping your clients and building your business.

Clova Studio

Mission control for your apps, classes and payments

Use Clova Studio right from your browser to manage your apps. Setup classes and schedules; create new memberships, credit packs, trials and introductory offers; manage bookings; and get helpful insights into the your studio’s offering.

It’s everything you’re expecting and more.

Design your apps

Apply your branding and identity with Clova Studio to keep your client touch points consistent.

Memberships & Payments

Set pricing and billing frequency, create one off service fees and take control of your payout schedule.

Schedules & Booking

Dial in the perfect schedule for your organisation and manage bookings.

Case Studies

See how others are using Clova

Clova is well suited to small and medium fitness businesses including yoga and pilates, personal training and boutique fitness studios.