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The best place to start for the quickest solution is always the Clova Knowledge Base.

Popular Questions

The Basics

  • Which payment methods are available?

    We use Stripe as our payment processor. Your business can accept all major credit cards as well as direct debits.

  • Is there a free trial?

    Because Clova operates by adding a small 2.5% fee to your transactions, there is no fee for simply signing up and using Clova until you make a sale. So go ahead and sign-up, look around, and give us a go risk-free.

  • Are there any lock-in contracts?

    Nope. If you decide you don’t like us, leave any time without any fees or fuss. It makes us work extra hard to make sure you’ll love us 😉

Studio Setup

  • What’s the difference between a membership and a credit pack?

    Both memberships and credit packs allow your clients to book a certain number of class types in a specified period of time.

    A membership is a recurring subscription that automatically charges the client’s credit card or debits their bank account at the end of every period, which can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

    A credit pack is a one-off purchase that allows the user to use up to the limit you specify for each type of your classes up until the expiry date.

  • Do unused membership credits rollover?

    Unused allowances on a membership do not rollover. If a client is unable to fully utilise their membership during a period there are options for pausing the membership as well as adding additional benefits to the next membership period ad hoc.

  • How long is a credit pack valid?

    Credit packs can be used until their class allocation has been used up or the expiry date passes, which ever comes first. The time until expiry is customisable per pack plan up to a maximum of 6 months. Expiry dates are calculated from the purchase date.


  • How many trials can I create?

    As many as you like! However, we recommend only offering one trial membership to keep it simple.

  • How long are trials?

    The duration of a trial membership is configurable per trial plan.

  • Can users book multiple trials?

    No. Once a trial has been accepted, that same user will no longer be offered any additional trials, even if you offer multiple different trial plans. Additionally, users who have already purchased a membership or credit pack previously will also not see trials.

  • Can I charge for trials?

    In Clova, trials are free. However, if you charge a reduced rate for an introductory package, create a Credit Pack, price it accordingly.


  • How does a waitlist work?

    When a class is fully booked, waitlists let your clients who missed out on a spot join a queue to be added to the class if a spot becomes available.

  • Do I have to use waitlists?

    No, waitlists can be enabled or disabled per class within Clova Studio.

  • What happens if I don’t enable waitlists?

    When a user views a fully booked class that doesn’t have a waitlist they will see the class detail screen with a notice that the class is at full capacity instead of a book or join waitlist button.

  • Does joining a waitlist use a credit?

    No. Although the user’s credit balance will be checked at the time of joining the waitlist, their credits remain free to use for other classes until a spot becomes available and they are moved to the class. If at this time they have used all credits, the next member in the waitlist is added instead.


  • How do memberships work?

    Memberships are for clients who subscribe to a regular service offering by your studio. As a studio you can create an unlimited number of membership plans that allow you to offer either an unlimited or specified amount of classes to be used within the billing period.

  • What billing periods are available?

    Memberships can currently be renewed weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Additional periods can be added on request.

  • Can memberships be private?

    Yes, you can create custom memberships and credit packs that are only visible to clients you select. This facilitates negotiated plans, foundational memberships for your most loyal members who’ve been there from the beginning, and more.

Credit Packs

  • What is a credit pack?

    Credit packs are non-recurring plans with an allowance of classes and an expiry date. Credit packs are valid until the class allowance is used up or the expiry date is met, whichever comes first.

    Credit packs are a great option for clients who don’t want a recurring commitment as well as for additional services which don’t make sense as a recurring membership.

  • Can credit packs be private?

    Yes, you can create custom credit packs that are only visible to clients you select.

Data & Privacy

  • How do you use my data?

    In general we collect as little data as possible in order to provide our service. Please consult our Privacy Policy for detailed information about how we handle your data in Clova.