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Bee Fit – Group Fitness Club

Bee Fit is a fictional group fitness health club with 6 trainer staff members, 2 admin staff members, 2 locations and a timetable jam packed with mat and reformer pilates, yoga, HIIT and personal 1:1 training.

Honeybank Hills

Bee Fit’s main location is The Main Hive located in Honeybank Hills, just south of Brisbane City in Queensland.

  • Beginner – Advanced Reformer Pilates

  • HIIT

  • Mat Pilates

  • Jumpboard Pilates

  • Yoga

Beeron Bay

Bee Fit operates a smaller satellite club just south of the border in Beeron Bay that offers reformer pilates and yoga exclusively.   

  • Reformer Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Mat Pilates

Bee Fit & Clova

Bee Fit uses Clova for bookings and payments

Using Clova, Bee Fit is able to operate with less time spent on administration tasks and more time spent with clients in the gym providing services.

Custom Branding

Bee Fit are able to offer their booking and payments apps branded to suit their business, with their distinctive black and yellow branding and logo.

Special Offers

Bee Fit use special offers that are only offered to new clients as a tool to onboard new clients as regular members. Special offers can only be purchased once.

Free Trials

Bee Fit offers potential clients their choice of one of two free trial options. Once a client has chosen a trial, they are unable to view or accept any further trial offers.

Regular Timetabling

Bee Fit offers a jampacked schedule of daily training options. New classes are opened for booking daily, keeping a rolling 2 week window open at all times.

Recurring Memberships

Bee Fit and their clients enjoys the convenience of set and forget recurring memberships that can be paused, cancelled, or modified at any time.


Bee Fit utilises waitlists to ensure their classes are always at capacity. Some classes run an automatic waitlist, while others run a first in best dressed ‘Offer’ based waitlist.

George Trainshard

George is a personal trainer who is also trained in reformer pilates.

Nina Namaste

Qualified yoga instructor and passionate pilates enthusiast.

Jody McLegday

Jody is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Bee Fit Group Fitness Timetable

Bee Fit keeps their timetable etched in stone, but occasionally need to change their timetable based on staffing and unexpected events, which Clova fully supports with cancellations, refunds and push notifications.