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Built in Logan with ❤️

Welcome to 

Clova is an Australian business operating from Springwood, Queensland and serving fitness professionals from all around the country.

We’re proud to provide high quality products built for the unique needs of Australian fitness professionals.

Australian based support

We’re available when you need us. Our support engineers are available Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm AEST.

Onshore development

All of Clova’s software engineering activities occur right here in Australia.

Shared product roadmap

We make our roadmap public and invite our customers to help shape Clova through feature requests and feedback.

Locally hosted in Sydney

Clova runs on locally hosted infrastructure for lightning fast response times for you and your clients.

These guiding principles inform us on our day to day decision making within Clova.

Our customer’s customer is our priority

As a B2B SaaS company our customer is the fitness studios who trust us with the important task of managing their day to day operations.

But it’s our customer’s customer who have the highest touchrate with our products. On behalf of our studios, we ensure the touchpoints their client’s interact with when managing their fitness journey delights them.

Native on every platform

Through years of watching various build-once-deploy-to-all platforms come and go, we’re planting our flag firmly on the side of native.

Whether it’s an Apple device, Android, or web, we give our customer’s an experience native to their chosen platform that looks and feels the way they expect. No ‘looks and feels just like native’, actually native.

We shine when the studio shines

We’re all about the customer. As we lovingly craft our software and brand, we always keep the customer’s business front and centre. We’re our customer’s wing-person in the background making sure they look their best.

Kindness first

Everything we do we do with kindness. Whether it’s an interview, a code review, an email or an action; if it can’t be done with kindness it can’t be done at Clova.