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Strength in Balance

Strength in Balance

Strength In Balance studio finds its home within the bustling Puma Club in Underwood, offering a unique approach to Pilates that goes beyond the conventional for both men and women. The classes provided by Strength In Balance are not just fitness routines; they are carefully curated experiences, crafted with meticulous attention and taught by passionate instructor Subita Burgess who is equally committed to inspiring and motivating others. The studio’s design, though humble, serves as the backdrop for a transformative atmosphere that aims to revolutionize not only exercise routines but the entire well-being of the body, mind, and soul.

In the heart of the Puma Club, Strength In Balance stands out by transcending the boundaries of typical fitness classes. Subita, driven by her passion, act as catalysts for inspiration and motivation, ensuring that participants not only engage physically but also experience mental and emotional stimulation. The studio’s modest design becomes a canvas for cultivating a distinctive VIBE, creating an atmosphere that surpasses the ordinary and fosters a transformative impact on the holistic health of its patrons.

Subita wanted greater support from her technology platform provider in the form of support hours that aligned with the same timezone as her business. 

One of Subita’s greatest pain points with her previous provider was being able to get the support she needed when she needed it. At times when she needed to ask questions of her previous provider, she was forced to wait until their support staff’s weekend was over in another timezone, while the business week had already begun in Australia.

It went further than just support. Delays in receiving her payouts caused real bottlenecks for her business.

A delay in cash flow is a serious problem for any business. Subita had no choice but to use multiple different providers to handle credit card and direct debit payments separately, which lead to increased fees cutting into her bottom line. Worse still, she didn’t have full control over her payouts and again found herself waiting for other timezones to catchup to Australia to receive them.

Clova solved my cashflow problems and their support hours match my business hours.

“I’ve loved Clova since switching over, Clova Studio is easy to use and when I need help Toby is local and only a phone call away.”

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